Is Mario Balotelli On His Way To Arsenal?

Few weeks ago, the media was going to town about the rumours that Arsenal was closing in on the signing of Mario Balotelli with a fee of around 29 million being touted. However, following the intervention of Arsenal manger, Arsene Wenger, that those reports were mere media fabrication, every speculation linking the Italian to the Emirates seem to have disappeared into thin air.

However, this turn of event has not stopped the Italian from trying to do his best impression yet that he is still interested in a move to the Emirates. The picture he took with his partner showing the logo of Arsenal is a clear indication that something is playing on the mind of the enigmatic Italian. Some might interpret it as one of his antics, but the question remains why would he snap a picture with an Arsenal logo in the background and show it for all to see?

His previous link to Arsenal may have been dismissed by Arsene Wenger as media talk, but if Silvio Berlusconi’s words are anything to go by, it means an English club was interested in signing him before the World Cup, but they opted out following the Italian’s disappointing World Cup in Brazil.

“Other than Italy, I lost during the World Cup. I was about to sell Balotelli to an English team for several millions. But after this World Cup who will buy him anymore?”

Who can say that English team was not Arsenal? The previous media report wouldn’t have just appeared out of nowhere if there was nothing in it. The fact Berlusconi specifically mentioned an English team lends credence to the fact that there was something in the links that reached fever pitch during the World Cup. It couldn’t have been Manchester City that was interested in him as that was his former club. Same goes for Chelsea as they had Diego Costa as theirs and Jose Mourinho is not in the good books of the Italian. So the question is which English club it was the AC Milan owner was referring to?

That may have been Arsenal after all, but Arsene Wenger’s denial may have been wrapped in the excesses of the Italian and not whether the club was interested in him. But the fact that AC Milan are willing to cut down the transfer fee of the Balotelli, and his best impression yet at revealing a come and get me plea to Arsenal, he might be worth the risk after all.