Why Arsenal May Still Sign Khedira Despite Agent’s Denial

There have been several developments regarding the speculations linking Sami Khedira to Arsenal. A couple of weeks ago Stan Collymore who earlier confirmed the signing of Alexis Sanchez before he was unveiled as an Arsenal player reportedly spoke to the agent of Sami Khedira, in which the agent confirmed that there was strong possibility that Sami Khedira would an Arsenal player this summer.

However, following Marca’s report on Wednesday that Arsenal had agreed a fee for Sami Khedira, and what was left was for both parties to come to an agreement in respect of personal terms, the agent was quick to refute the report by Marca that a fee had not been agreed by both clubs.

The assertion of the agent is not surprising going by the fact that it is a normal agent talk as there are other clubs interested in his clients services, and he is still opening those doors for a bid to come in for Sami Khedira. It is just the normal agent talk. Every Mr. 20% will welcome more clubs to bid for the services of his client so that, there will be more benefits at the end of it. As he mentioned in his denial that there are other clubs interested in Sami Khedira, and if a bid had been agreed between Real Madrid and Arsenal, he was duty bound to know so that personal terms can be discussed. But his denial raises some questions.

What does this denial mean to the transfer of Sami Khedira to Arsenal?

The agent’s denial does not effectively change the direction of the transfer, as Arsenal can still sign the German midfielder. The fact that there are many incentives that could swap him to the Emirates makes it possible that the transfer is not dead. Real Madrid have confirmed the signing of Toni Kroos on a six year contract from Bayern Munich and are likely to sign James Rodriguez from Monaco, which could mean that they are already planning for life without Sami Khedira. Added to that, is the German contingent at the Emirates, particularly Mesut Ozil which could play a huge part in his decision.

Though, in the Marca report of Wednesday, it was revealed that his wages demands is £106,000 per week, which is just net as tax have not been factored into it, which could eventually take it to as high as what Mesut Ozil is on at Arsenal which would make him the highest earner at the club.

In spite of the agent’s denial, there remains a strong chance that this deal will still go on. There is a reason while smoke precedes fire, and the fact that the smoke on the links of Sami Khedira to Arsenal still keeps billowing from the chimney means there is a fire that has been kindled which will be revealed at the end of the transfer window when all the dealings of the club would come up for scrutiny.