Why Wenger May Not Buy Loic Remy

The club’s search for a striker has seen a number of players linked on a daily basis, one of those players whose links have garnered more paper inches over the past few weeks is Queen Park Rangers striker Loic Remy. A lot have been said about Arsenal’s interest in the former Marseille striker.

However, there are strong indications that the club might not sign him after all, not because he lacks the required football abilities, but as a result of some baggages that reveals a long line of issues with his character which are similar to Mario Balotelli’s issues. But in some cases goes beyond the Italian’s excesses. This article takes a look at why Arsene Wenger might look away from signing him judging by how he keeps a close eye on the character of players.

In May, 2013 Loic Remy was arrested along with two other persons over allegations of rape leveled against them. Although, he was placed on a nine month bail, and the charges were eventually dropped by the Crown Persecution Service in February, 2013, he says alot about his attitude that he could have put himself in such a position to have been accused of rape in the first place. Which goes to show that his attitudinal issues run deep.

As if that was a one off, he has been banned for 14 months from driving after he was found guilty of drink driving. He admitted being one-and-a-half times over the drink limit upon investigation when his Porsche Cayenne was stopped by police in Newcastle in March, 2014 a test showed he had 56mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The limit is 35mg. With this ban coming on Tuesday, it looks unlikely that Arsene Wenger will fan up his interest in the 27 year old striker.

Although, a few persons would want to bring up the issues of Robin Van Persie’s character issues before he was signed as well as the allegations of rape leveled against him during his early years at Arsenal for which he was eventually cleared, but the club still too by him. Yet the scenarios are different.

However, the issue with Loic Remy is that, the negative news surrounding him might be a good reason for Arsenal to look away from the signing of the Frenchman. Apart from the cases of rape and drink drive ban leveled on him, there have been several unreported cases of his attitude that could further prevent him from moving to a top club like Arsenal.

A player that could countenance settling for Queen Park Rangers when they were doomed to relegation in January, 2013 over Newcastle because of wages, have issues with attitude that will prevent him from reaching a certain height in football terms.