Fabregas Vs Alexis Sanchez – Why Arsenal Signed The Better Player In Sanchez

It was a rude shock when news frittered in that Wenger had passed on the chance to re-sign former playmaker and captain Cesc Fabregas. When Arsenal declined the chance to sign him, Chelsea jumped at the opportunity. Now, he would be competing against Arsenal next season.

As if that was not painful enough, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has come out gloating over the capture of the Spaniard in attempt to rub it in. He claimed Fabregas wasn’t really interested in returning to the Emirates but instead wanted a move to Chelsea. In fact he said it took him only 20 minutes to convince Fabregas to
join Chelsea. What a shame!

I am not surprised at Mourinho’s statement. He seldom makes sense and is only trying to start a mental battle with Wenger. He must think he has gotten one over Wenger but he is very wrong. Arsenal never needed him so he didn’t beat the Gunners to his signature. Back to the Fabregas’ issue, signing him would have been more of a marquee signing for the Gunners but Wenger ignored the chance to sign him. Instead, Le Prof signed Sanchez. Both are marquee players because they were formerly of Barca. Arsenal didn’t get both, got one and it was the needed one.

Fabregas would have added creativity to Arsenal’s midfield but that is a luxury considering the fact that the Gunners already have ample creativity in midfield with players like Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Rosicky and Wilshere. With all these players jostling for just two places in midfield, another one could cause unhealthy rivalry.
Will Fabregas that was one of the first names on the team sheet even before becoming captain return and be willing to fight for a place in the team with young players like Wilshere and Ramsey? That would certainly be a test of his humility which judging by the way he left us for Barca, he is likely to fail and fail woefully.

As for Sanchez, he is been brought in to add depth to the attack that looked out of sorts at times last season. Arsenal don’t have ample options in attack especially with Walcott’s injury. The Englishman is making good recovery but not fit yet. He is still some months away from a first team return. From Wenger’s words, it seems October is a probable timeline. In his absence, Arsenal need a dependable deputy and Sanchez is that man. Can Wenger deploy Fabregas on the wings? The Spaniard would struggle because he is no winger and doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to thrive there. No pace, no dribbling skills and no sheer strength.

Fabregas cannot do what Sanchez will but the Chilean can give a bit of what Fabregas would have given because he seems at home playing in the midfield if need be. He showed he could drop down to the midfield to initiate attack at the World Cup while playing for Chile.

Finally, Wenger deserves a thumbs up for that decision. At the time it was taken, it looked like the Frenchman had spurned the opportunity of landing a top player but at the end, it made a world of sense. The case of Fabregas was that of luxury which Wenger as a shrewd manager rebuffed going for Sanchez whose coming is to fill a need perfectly.

As for Mourinho, he seems to be laughing but the Gunners aren’t frowning either. Let’s see how long Mourinho’s laughter lasts with regards to Fabregas’ capture. Mata’s end is still fresh in mind.