Khedira Agrees Terms With Arsenal

According to new reports from Spain, Sami Khedira is expected to be confirmed as an Arsenal player on Monday. With the way this transfer has gone in the last few weeks and months, it is important that fans of Arsenal persuasion should take this news with a high dose of caution.

It was just last week that Madrid based sports publication Marca reported that Arsenal has agreed a fee of 19 million pounds for the German midfielder. Following which the report was quickly dismissed by Sami Khedira’s agent. Added to that, there were further reports that Arsenal has dropped their interest in the newly crowned World Champion because of his wage demands which where in the corridors of more than £150,000

The question now is what could have informed this new development from Madrid? The signing of Toni Kroos, and the impending arrival of James Rodriguez from Monaco means the European Champion have to raise money somewhere to get the latter deal done.

With the way transfer develops out of what initially looks like a seeming closure, it looks very likely that something must have happened within the last time that the reports linking Sami Khedira to Arsenal were denied by his agent.

What is not clear though is why Real Madrid would choose to come out with such information. The plan could be to romp up interest from other clubs so that they could get more out of the German who has just one year left on his contract with Real Madrid. Already there have been reports that Chelsea are also interested in the midfielder. But the German contingent at Arsenal could sway the decision of the former Stuttgart player.

On the other hand, there is the agent of Sami Khedira, who is quick to deny any developing report involving his client. With this new reports coming out of Madrid, chances are that he might look to discredit it as he did with the Marca report a couple of days ago. The only way this could be different from the first would be if he is involved in the new development.

However, with the Gonzalo Higuain saga from last summer still fresh in the minds of most gunners, news like this one should be considered with a cautionary tale so as to avoid keeping hopes high in case in turns out to be one of those rumours that amounts to nothing.

What is clear though is that the club is actively looking to bring in a player in the holding midfield position. As the clock continues to tick, it worth to nothing that it is still only July and news of this nature continues to roll in with regularity. Time will show where it ends whether on the official site or somewhere else.