Sami Khedira VS William Carvalho – Who Should Arsenal Sign?

Much has been said about Arsenal needing a holding midfielder.  They never really replaced the solid Gilberto Silva who was one of their key players in the invincible side which went on to win the league without losing a game and stretched their run of being unbeaten to 49 games. Since he left in the summer of 2008, Arsenal has missed that physical presence in midfield which would have given them the balance which would have helped their technical players to flourish.

Since 2008 many players have been tried in that position yet none of them have nailed it. Arsene Wenger tried Denilson, Flamini, Song, and Arteta amongst a few names in that position and none of them looked comfortable to play that role. Flamini in his 1st stint at Arsenal had formed a great partnership with Fabregas, but then he was lured by the lucrative offer he got from Milan and he parted ways. Arteta looked good at times but he has been found out away from home against good teams. So that is a position Arsene Wenger needs to strengthen and he has a couple of choices: Sami Khedira or William Carvalho.

There have been rumours about Arsenal having reached a deal to sign Khedira. There has also been an enquiry from them to sign the young Portuguese Carvalho from Sporting CP. But the question is who should they sign and why. Both players would improve Arsenal drastically. They have lacked that discipline in midfield for many years now and with the signing of one of these players they would be a force to be reckoned with.

Arsenal would suit Khedira. Their German contingent would help him settle in. He has been saying how he loves playing with Ozil and we also know how much Arsene rates the German.  He is a very good passer and loves to march forward with every opportunity he gets. One of his few weaknesses is that he is a very poor tackler and if you are to play in the premier league you ought to tackle well. He is the type of player Arsene would love working with. With Madrid asking €25m the only real problem in getting him would be the high salary he is asking. It is rumoured that he is asking £200,000 a week and that is something Arsenal have always been reluctant to do.

Carvalho is a text book holding midfielder who does his job with no complains.  His positioning is as good as any other player in his position. He really came of age last year for Sporting CP. At only 22 he has mastered the art of a holding midfielder with ease. He is incredibly composed for a 22 year old and his ability to be at the right place at the right time makes him a perfect player for Arsenal.  Other strengths include the willingness to learn and improve his game. He would flourish with Arsene’s guidance but then again Arsene hasn’t been fond of players like Carvalho.  As Sporting have asked £24m, Arsenal are reluctant to spend that on an unproven 22 year old.

For me it’s a no brainer. Arsenal has to sign Carvalho. He is young and he could be the player who protects players like Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil. His work rate is immaculate and that would help Arsenal find a player who would finally replace the solid Gilberto Silva.