Why Arsenal Will Not Buy Balotelli Even If He Is Available

There have been a lot of reports in the papers about Arsenal having agreed a fee for Mario Balotelli. Although we have seen so many of such rumours been false, I am going to assume this one is true and highlight why that would be a bad move from Arsenal to sign the unpredictable forward.

Balotelli’s talent is not questionable, but his temperament sure is. He is never away from controversies. He has the tendency to win you a game but then again his tendency to blow up during a game is not what Arsene Wenger would like at Arsenal. His record proves he has talent, but then it also states that he comes with enormous baggage. He showed that in the world cup where he was very good against England then was as very dull against Uruguay and minnows Costa Rica. In both games his body language was that of a guy who clearly couldn’t be bothered.

Arsene Wenger likes technical players; Balotelli isn’t the technical forward Arsene fancies. He is a robust no nonsense striker. Sure he does hold up the ball brilliantly but Arsenal’s game play doesn’t suit a player like Balotelli. He committed 72 fouls in the league playing for Milan last year, getting himself 10 yellow cards and a red card, which is a pretty high number for a forward given he only played 30 games for the Italians. As Wenger is a disciplinarian he for one wouldn’t want to take on the ill-disciplined Balotelli.

Another reason is he really better than Giroud? Giroud get a lot of stick from Arsenal fans despite doing good job for Arsenal last season as he was the only Striker they had. Giroud won 138 aerial duels compared to Balotelli’s 19. Giroud scored 16 goals to Balotelli’s 14; he also had 8 assists to Balotelli’s 6 and created 37 chances to Balotelli’s 32. Those aren’t big numbers but Giroud was very effective for Arsenal last year. So the stats prove that Balotelli isn’t an improvement to Giroud and as of now Arsenal need someone who can score 30+ goals a season. I see no reason why Wenger will be signing someone who is of lower quality to what we currently have.

Arsene Wenger has set some standards for the players who play for Arsenal. And to be fair Balotelli would kill Arsenal’s reputation and end Arsene Wenger as a manager. Arsene has worked with a lot of hot head footballers but then again Balotelli is a liability who has been laid off by two clubs namely Inter Milan and Manchester City. He is the kind of guy, who had a bust up with Roberto Mancini, whom he said was like his father. So a player who was laid off by Mourinho and Mancini isn’t worth having in the side. I know we once had RVP, Tony Adams and other hot heads but can we honestly say they are worse than Balotelli? Balotelli is simply out of this world for every wrong reason you can think of.

Arsenal having signed Alexis Sanchez and with a possible return of the impressive Joel Campbell they have a cover for the hard working Olivier Giroud and the young Yaya Sanogo which means signing Balotelli would be a waste of money and Arsene’s effort. So for me Arsenal should spend the money on a defender or a good defensive mid fielder than a ticking time bomb that is Mario Balotelli.