Why James Rodriguez Could Still Play For Arsenal Despite Real Madrid Move

The transfer policies of Real Madrid have seen the overturn of a huge number of players over the years. They go all out to sign players, but will not stop at anything to dispatch such players when they are in the throes of refreshing their squad.

The signing of Mesut Ozil last summer would not have been possible if he was not a victim of Real Madrid’s policy of dispatching players after a few seasons. The likes of Arjen Robben, Gonzalo Higuain, Wesley Sneijder and several others have been victims of this transfer policy that have seen an overturn of players from the Los Blancos over the years. Following the signing of Toni Kroos and the impending signing of James Rodriguez from Monaco, the future of several players is already up in the air, with reports linking the likes of Angel Di Maria to PSG.

However, what are the chances that the likes of James Rodriguez would join Arsenal in a few seasons time. Arsene Wenger made mention of the fact that certain players become available late in the transfer window. The chances of the 23 year old James Rodriguez being a subject of transfer availability in a few years’ time cannot be entirely ruled out. The policy of cut and shove from the European Champions have been part of the regime of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Although, the money spent on the Rodriguez which report claims would go as far as €70 million, would mean that any club that intends to take him off the hands of Madrid after a few seasons time would have to spend close to that figure to sign him.

However, one thing that should be taken into consideration though is that most of the players that have been let lose by Real Madrid were not sign by huge transfer sums. The likes of Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael Van Dan Vart, Mesut Ozil, Gonzalo Higuain were not signings that came on huge transfer fees, as a result, it was easy for the Madrid Hierarchy to put them up for transfer, although, the point above about transfer fee is not necessarily a yardstick that a player will not be thrown out the door after a few seasons at Real Madrid.

Following Arsenal’s benefit in the signing of Mesut Ozil as a result of the domino effects of Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid, the chances of that playing out in few years’ time as long as Florentino Perez remains at the helm of affairs cannot be ruled out.