Why Karim Benzema Could Still Join Arsenal This Summer

The nature of transfers involving Real Madrid can take different turns of players going in and out of the club. The signing of Gareth Bale last summer meant Mesut Ozil was made available for transfer; after that he ended up at Arsenal. Following the signing of James Rodriguez by Real Madrid, the future of some players at Real Madrid has been put in doubt which could be to the benefit of Arsenal.

The signing which was confirmed on Tuesday means Carlo Ancelotti would have to figure out a way to fit in Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez, Cristano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema into it starting eleven. Which only means one of such players would be surplus to requirement going by Real Madrid’s transfer policy. And with Karim Benzema having just one year left on his contract he could be the one available for the chop.

This is where Arsenal can come in for the French striker. As Ronaldo has proved in previous seasons that he can play as a striker, while young striker Jese is highly rated being a product of the Real Madrid Academy.

Going by how last season’s transfer shaped up, it would not be entirely out of place to state several Real Madrid players could be made available between now and the end of the transfer window.

Although, Arsene Wenger did comment that he will not be looking to bring in another striker following the signing of Alexis Sanchez. But, there is no doubt such statement is not cast on stone, as the availability of a player in Karim Benzema could sway the mind of le prof as he did when Mesut Ozil was suddenly made available last summer.

The domino effects of most transfer deals will not take effect until later in the transfer window as several players who could be the subject of such scenario are still on their World Cup holiday that could all change when they return from their break which could in turn spark transfer frenzy between clubs.

As the transfer window continues to develop, there is no doubt that the surprise transfer of the summer is yet to happen. What chance that it would not involve a player from Real Madrid with the players that they have signed?

With the transfer window still remarkably in July, there is a chance that the Real Madrid player that could end up at the Emirates could be Karim Benzema and not the much linked Sami Khedira.