Why Is Wenger Coy On Sami Khedira Bid? Something Buzzing Maybe?

When the transfer season is on, the body language and words of Arsene Wenger can give a signal as to the direction of a transfer. Although, in some cases his words can be the opposite of what his intentions are especially when such words comes with a wry smile.

During the Asian tour of 2012, he was asked about Santi Cazorla in a press conference, his response was that he didn’t know the Spaniard, but a few weeks later he became an Arsenal player.

This close season has not taken such steps yet, but several pointers reveals that Arsene Wenger could be up to something in respect of the Sami Khedira rumours.

He was quick to dismiss the speculations surrounding Mario Balotelli, but when he was directly asked about transfer targets after the pre-season friendly against Boreham, his reply was:

 “Look, I can’t give you any names,”

“What is good is that [Arsenal’s German internationals] won the World Cup so their confidence should be stronger.

“Winning makes you only stronger and more confident and hopefully we’ll benefit from that next season.”

Although, nothing much can be read into his refusal to name names as that has been his style over transfers, but the fact he quashed the Mario Balotelli rumours when it was at its highest, while he has been cryptic about certain transfer targets which the Sami Khedira is a case in point.

So the question is why did he adopt different views in respect of both speculations?

The speculation surrounding Sami Khedira were at his highest few weeks ago, when it seems his transfer would be confirmed, but his agent dismissed the reports from the Madrid press and as a result the speculations has slowed down. They were detailed information that his wage demands were the issues with any deal for the midfielder, with respected journalist (John Cross) claiming that he doubted that a deal could be reached in view of the financial commitment involved in it.

What the Khedira speculations brought was that the club was interested and still interested in him which could have informed Arsene Wenger’s refusal to name names. While the complete dismissal of the Mario Balotelli rumours meant the club was not in for him in the first place or rather it was quickly dismissed because of the Italian’s baggages.

Comments by Arsene Wenger during transfer seasons will always be open to different permutations because of the nature of his words.