Morgan Schneiderlin To Arsenal. Jenkinson And Gnarby To Southampton

A player who has been missing for Arsenal over the past few seasons since the departure of Alex Song has undoubtedly been a player like the Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin, a hard tackler, someone who sits just in front of the back four, who picks the ball from the back and gives it to the ones, who operate higher up the pitch. But in Arsenal’s case they require somebody who sits back and protects the likes of Koscielny and Mertesacker, someone who adds physicality to that almost totally creative midfield. And if reports are to be believed and this deal does fall through, this will most certainly be the best transfer window for Arsenal in a long time.

The 27 million asking price from Southampton looks a bit aggravated but in the long run Arsenal are surely getting their money’s worth noting that the Frenchman is just 24 and has a vast potential to develop. Schneiderlin will be the last piece missing in that Arsenal puzzle, a piece important enough to make Wenger’s men ‘Contenders’ for the Premier League this season. Though many of you may say that injuries cost Arsenal the title, but those drubbings away to the ‘Big Teams’ were also a big-big contributor to the Arsenal downfall and if Schneiderlin in any way is able to do the job Arteta and Flamini weren’t able to do at the Etihad or the Stamford Bridge or the Ainfield, then he will have years to his Arsenal career.

To make the deal easier, there are reports that Jenkinson and Gnarby may go to Southampton on loan. With the good number and quality of players coming in during the summer it, wouldn’t have come as a shock to many if some of the youngster leave to get some valuable ‘on-field’ time. It would be in the club’s best interest if players are sent on loan, and in what better club than Southampton, a club which is known to bring the best out of their players and especially the young and talented ones.

Gnabry and Jenkinson would not only get the starts which they won’t be getting at Arsenal but they will develop as players under new manager Ronald Koeman which in-turn will only benefit Arsenal. This will help Wenger to identify whether these two have the potential to really go the distance in Arsenal colours or not and if they do, then in what positions.

Sending Jenkinson and Gnarby on loan and signing Schneiderlin will surely be a double edge sword for us.