Arsenal’s New German Signing Could Help Diaby Stay Fit

The fitness of Abou Diaby has been the subject of much debate since Dan Smith almost ended his Arsenal career before it started in a needless tackle in May, 2006. Since then his stay at Arsenal have been blighted by numerous injuries which has restricted his appearances for the club to just 124 since he joined in January, 2006.

Having return from his latest injury setback which kept him out for over year, the debate now is whether he can finally stay fit. Beside his own injury curse, alot have been said about the overall fitness regime at Arsenal after injuries have derailed the club’s season on several occasions in the past few seasons.

Using Abou Diaby as a key point to what can change at the club this season is whether new fitness coach Shad Forsythe who has experience of working with the German national team for 10 years can aid Diaby to stay fit.

The 40 year old American who was brought into the German set up by Jurgen Klinsmann in 2004 has worked near wonders by keeping several players fit during the just concluded World Cup. This was the man responsible for keeping Miroslav Klose and Bastian Schweinsteiger fit during the just concluded World Cup. Both of these players endured an injury hit season last time out, and there were doubts about their participation in the show piece tournament. But in the end, the performance of both players was key to Germany winning the World Cup in Brazil especially the Bayern Munich midfielder.

Although, Abou Diaby’s case is entirely different in terms of his injury history, his problem has always been staying fit in the short term. This is where Shad Forsythe can come to help Abou Diaby.

He is known to have advised the German set up to ease Klose into the World Cup so that he can grow into the tournament in the latter stages. His advice to the team could come in handy, together with any new innovation that he would come with.

Abou Diaby has been used to more of the same at Arsenal since his injury nightmare started, an addition to the fitness team could provide a new way in which his fitness regime would be handled. The nature of his body can be tailored toward the kind of fitness training he would undergo, just as Bastian Schweinsteiger was managed carefully at the early stages of the World Cup.

What is clear with the addition of Shad Forsythe to the fitness team is that the club has ready done enough to address the injury issues at the club; Abou Diaby staying through this appointment would be remarkable for a start.