Alexis Sanchez To Miss Arsenal Preseason Game Due To Work Permit

When Alexis Sanchez was signed earlier in the month the excitement within the fan base was at a high. Underneath that excitement, it was widely known that the Chilean would return for pre season training on July 28th. However reports have suddenly emerged that the Chilean would miss the club’s pre season training camp in Austria because of a visa issue. And as a result of that, he would have to train alone at London Colney when others are away.

It smacks of negligence on the part of the club to not prepare the necessary logistics for the Chilean for his trip to the high altitude training the club has missed over the past two seasons as a result of tour commitments in Asia. It has been part of Arsene Wenger key preparation tool for players every summer.

The fact that the Chilean is yet to train with Arsenal at all because of his participation at the World Cup makes this a missed opportunity for him to trained with the entire squad.

With the training camp due to last for four days, with the squad due back on Thursday, Alexis Sanchez is expected to return to London Colney to start work with Arsenal’s fitness team.

With limited time to get players up and running for the up coming season, it means the Chilean wouldn’t be able to get four important days of training with his team mates, and he will have just two days training with the squad before the Emirates Cup starts on Saturday.

Arsene Wenger is known to employ alot of pretty passing patterns in training with the team engaging in passing drills in training sessions, and building up passing combinations, it means the Chilean would not be part of that early training before Saturday.

Arsenal’s first competitive match comes up against Manchester City on August 11th and with a few days to that, it becomes imperative that the little time available is used to bed in new players.

Arsene Wenger had stated while in New York, that it was difficult to keep up players’ fitness levels to the required height in a year of major international tournament because they return at different times to the club. Yet, the club couldn’t prepare adequately for the Chilean’s resumption of training.

It would be normal for many to play down on such gaffe on the part of the club, but when considered against the backdrop that there is so little time for the players to train, it is not a good sign that Alexis Sanchez would be training alone in his first full day of training at the club.

No doubt he will be short of fitness when the season starts.