Arsenal’s Move For €29m Midfielder “100% On”

When a river becomes full from heavy downpour, the river naturally overflows it banks. Such has been the reports linking Sami Khedira to Arsenal over the past few weeks, as floods of reports have pointed the transfer to different directions ranging from fee being agreed, to agent denial of any deal, to wage demands stalling the deal, to Arsenal pulling out of the deal, to wages being reduced, to the transfer being back on. That has been the trajectory of the weather-esque pattern that has trailed the Sami Khedira transfer to Arsenal.

This has made many of the ‘in the know’ persons within media circles to lose track of what next would happen in respect of this transfer. However of one those persons who called it right about Alexis Sanchez’s transfer to Arsenal, Stan Collymoore has stuck out his neck to say that the deal to take Sami Khedira to Arsenal was still 100% on. He said has much on twitter.

What is not known is where he got his information from. A lot of persons have ran the rule about this transfer in the last few weeks, but nothing has developed beyond the words that have been put forward.

The Sami Khedira to Arsenal news has to come to an end at some point, as it has rumbled on for too long.

From all indications, the reports that have emerged are not actually a departure from what has previously been reported on this transfer. So far there has not been a word from Sami Khedira on the speculations, which is understandable. But that is bound to change when he returns from his World Cup break. As transfers involving players usually picks when they return from their holidays.

The upside to every transfer speculation and rumour is that it will come to end either when a signing is confirmed or when the transfer window shuts.

While transfers that never seem to end in the corridors of the media are not new to Arsenal fans, especially in the days when emotions where high at the departures of some key players, this certainly ranks along the lines of the Andre Arshavin transfer to Arsenal in January, 2009 that broke down several times before he was confirmed as an Arsenal player way past the transfer deadline.

In the case of Sami Khedira, except the club has it eyes set on some other target, this has a deadline day watch written all over it.