Arsenal will have to pay €40 million to Sign Juan Quintero

When the news broke yesterday that Arsenal were interested in bringing in Porto striker Juan Quintero, a whirlwind of amazement swept through the entire fan base as many wondered where the news came from. However no sooner it had the news broke that it began to dawn on many that it was one of those many transfer stories that has been cooked all summer as was confirmed by the agent of Juan Quintero.

The Porto and Colombian midfielder’s agent Ricardo Calleri dismissed the reports as false. He said.

“Porto have never talked about negotiating the sale of Juan Quintero

“Of course, there are clubs interested. There is a lot of interest from clubs from Spain and England in the player.

“But in order for him to leave, a club has to pay his buy-out clause.”

The earlier reports of the impending transfer had brought up a transfer fee of €20 million, while the buyout clause of the diminutive midfielder stands at €40 million which creates a disparity of €20 million.

While the initial reports emanated from the Colombian press, many pointed to the credibility of the source to raise the point that there was some truth to the links.

While the agent has come out now to put a stop to the present report, it is normal that nothing would come out further from the angle of the Colombian midfielder.

The seeds of doubt where sowed in respect of the initial links when many juxtaposed the developments with the needs of the team and the almost assured way in which the source of the news reeled out the paths of the speculation. There were quick whispers of oh, not another attacking midfielder when the team is a dire need of a defensive midfielder and a defender. Although, those whispers, never really got to a shouting match, it nevertheless got the pulses rising that Arsene Wenger was looking to bring in another attacking midfielder.

In the end, it was a needless worry on the part of the Arsenal faithful as it turned out to be just another rumour out of the shelf of the many speculations that has nothing in it.

In the end, the permutations of what could have happened to Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski as the horse’s mouth Arsene Wenger has also put paid to that by declaring “that is wrong” when asked about Juan Quintero in his press conference ahead of the Emirates Cup.