Arsenal Prepare £30 million Bid For Khedira

The intricacies of the Sami Khedira to Arsenal transfer in the last few weeks have not cease after Arsene Wenger refused to rule out the possibility of signing the Real Madrid midfielder in his post match comments after the Benfica match at the Emirates Cup.

As has been the case involving this particular transfer, reports have claimed that Arsenal wants to make another attempt to sign the German midfielder for a fee of around £30 million with the hope of signing the German before weekend.

What is not clear from the report is whether this particular fee includes both his initial wages and the transfer fee that Arsenal would be expected to spend in bringing him to the Emirates.

Many have doubted the possibility of the German coming to Arsenal when the various news outlets were running with the stories that Arsenal were close to signing him in early July.  For such a fee, many would argue that it would be beneficial for the club to seek the possibility of bringing in another target, which points to William Carvalho of Sporting Lisbon.

The Portuguese defensive midfielder represents a safer bet than Sami Khedira going by the fees being brandish about for the German. William Carvalho is reported to be on £8,000 a week at Sporting Lisbon, while Sami Khedira was reported to be demanding in excess of £150,000 a week.

In the case of William Carvalho, the transfer fee being demanded by Sporting Lisbon may be high as a result of his buy-out clause which stands at £34 million, yet at just 22 years, he is better on the financial front and on the football front because he is bound to receive a third of what Sami Khedira is demanding for his wages, and most importantly, his not injury prone like the Real Madrid midfielder who had two injury disrupted seasons in Spain.

The love for a big name player is always the behest of many fans, with that come an outlay of huge financial commitment. And Sami Khedira is not an exception in that. At age 27, it is a pivotal moment in his career, in terms of what he would receive in terms of wages and general returns because the next contract he would sign will take him into his thirties, something that must have influence his high wage demands.

For all intent and purpose, the end of the transfer window will come when the much anticipated signings in defensive midfield and in central defence is confirmed by those at Highbury House. This is why the speculation surrounding Sami Khedira will continue to roll on.