Has Arsenal Finally Made Their Defensive Midfielder Signing?

There have been several calls for Arsene Wenger to sign a defensive midfielder. However going by Arsene Wenger’s assertion in his press conference on Thursday, it seems he has reached a conclusion as to who would play the defensive midfield role this coming season. He could be he is willing to promote within the squad for that role. The manager had earlier mentioned that new signing Calum Chambers would end up as a defensive midfielder besides the other two positions he is comfortable in, he repeated the same line on Thursday, by using Calum Chambers as a potential candidate for the position.

“He’s 19 years of age, he’s a young promising talent and when you’re a manager you believe in the players when you buy them,”

“I’m a great believer that we spent a lot of money for him, that’s true but in the longer term it is well spent – that is the most important thing. When a player is bought for a longer period you can never say it’s expensive. At the moment it’s expensive yes but I don’t regret it.

“He can play a major role because in what I observe he has the qualities to impose himself in this part of the team. I believe he can play in defensive midfield and that’s where I see him.”

Calum Chambers was a defensive midfielder up until last season, until he was moved to the right full back position by Mauricio Pochettino at the beginning of last season when first choice back Nathaniel Clyne was out injured. Though, that does not mean he can easily slot in at Arsenal in that same position.

It is a little premature to start taking of using the 19 year old as a defensive midfield. The young lad should be given an opportunity to grow into the team as it would be too much of a risk to bring him into that position. The pitfalls of young players coming into that position could be seen from the inconsistent performances of Denilson and Alex Song when they were at Arsenal.

Towards the end of last season, he was used sparingly by the Southampton coach as he obviously suffered from lost of form and inconsistencies in performance, something Arsenal should be weary off.

The defensive midfield is the most important position in a team’s set up, and making a rookie settle for that position wouldn’t pass for good judgement in the coming season.

If at all, Arsene Wenger has a grand plan of making him a defensive midfielder, he should have another player in that position that he would learn from, and it should be a case of integrating him into that position, rather than going to the past where youth players were rushed into key positions in the team, and a mistake from them would shake their overall confidence.

In the end, the best bet for le prof would be to sign a defensive midfielder, while Calum Chambers remains the utility player he currently is. But he would have the opportunity of playing in those positions when called upon.