Arsenal Are Ready To Challenge For World’s Top Players

According to quotes attributed to Arsene Wenger by BBC, Arsenal are now financially healthy and the time of them not being able to capture top transfer targets is a thing of the past. Their rivals outspent them and captured crucial targets which helped these clubs dominate the Domestic and European scenes. This left Arsenal barren of trophies for a long time and forced many Arsenal season ticket holders have had to drop their Arsenal fc season tickets because of this.

Arsene Wenger believes his side is ready to mount a challenge against their rivals to sign players of top quality. Arsene Wenger explained that the club went through a financial challenging time when they focused on building the Emirates stadium. Due to financial constraints, they could not compete against the big spenders of Europe.

This caused the club to lose their chance in securing prime targets and caused the club to go nine years without placing their hands on a silverware. Arsene Wenger believes those financial challenging years are behind Arsenal.

Wenger told BBC Football Focus: “What people forget is you have to build a new stadium.

“Now we can compete for the best players and that was not the case five years ago.”

The top clubs of England outspent the Gunners and dominated the English Premier League and the English FA cup. These clubs were Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. Arsenal stood had no chance of lifting silver wares because of the outweighing numbers of top talents in rival clubs.

The gap of quality players between both sides was much and the Gunners went through a period of heart wrenching losses of titles.

Top clubs knew Arsene Wenger is a top class manager and these clubs wanted the signature of the tactical mastermind of Arsenal. He refused moving and felt Arsenal’s movement from the Highbury stadium to the Emirates stadium was his responsibility. He resisted all offers and stuck with Arsenal FC until the projects completion in 2006.

“I went with the club for the challenge of building a new stadium without dropping out of the Champions League and we made it every year,” he added.

“I feel that I have done my job in a very committed and faithful way. In 20 years it will be acknowledged that was a very sensitive period for the club. Today the club is in a strong position.

The wait for Arsenal’s growth was long but it is nice to see the Gunners grow again. The fun times of the past of watching some of the best players in the World wear the Arsenal Jersey and caused English Premier League teams headache was deeply missed.

Not only were the Gunners not able to bring in some prime targets, they also faced the problem of watching top clubs take their footballing assets like Flamini, Van Persie, Alex Song, Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Ashley Cole, Alexandre Hleb, Kolo Toure, Adebayor, Sagna, Clichy, and others.

However, times are changing and the few stars Arsene Wenger signed to the club are making impacts. No one expects Arsenal FC to go crazy in the transfer market because they are financially healthy. What most football lovers want to see is Arsenal get quality players for the right price that will help the club achieve their target in Europe and England.

The tide is changing and the results so far are impressive. We will wait to see what Arsene Wenger has planned out for his side.