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With the Copa America tournament amongst other international friendless done, all eyes are set to the 2015-2016 football season. Much anxiety and even emotions have been shared across all media platforms from football club fans with regards to the much anticipated season. All seasons come with anxiety, anticipation and more so, excitement. This is brought about by the transfer season signings all awaiting to see who goes out and who comes in. The club fans’ rivalry is always rejuvenated with every fan backing up his/her football club to be the team to watch during the season. Most importantly, every football fan hopes for better performance from club player and ultimately a better performance than the previous season and that world-class signings shall be brought on board by the clubs to raise the chances of attaining the set goals and expectations.

Last season saw Arsenal finish 3rd after Chelsea and Manchester City and just points ahead of their bitter rivals Manchester United. Despite winning the English Federation Cup (F.A Cup), critics pointed out that as much as the striking force was superb, the defence too let in more than enough goals to starve the former champions of the Premier League title yet again.

All hope is not lost though, with exciting singings such as Petr Chec worth 14 million pounds from Chelsea FC, we are more likely than not, assured that the world class goalkeeper shall be a shield between the bars. Other in-form team mates such as Alexis Sanchez who just won the Copa America title with his country Chile, Mesuit Ozil and French man Giroud all raise Arsenal’s stakes this season.

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However, i recommend care and discretion. As all humans, even players have their lowest ebbs during the season. Make sure you do a proper research on every player’s playing form before you choose any lest you lose your money.

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Remember this is a fantasy