Perfect Summer – Mario Gotze To Become A Gunner

Some four years ago, when Arsenal is interested in a particular player, the club does everything to ensure the deal is kept secret. This is because as soon as we are interested in signing a player, other clubs come in and sign him up. Maybe because we have ( or is it had? ) a good scouting network. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. We are now attractive to players and we now have money to spend. Many thanks to years of prudence from the club.

Judging by the reports from the German media, Arsenal have been told by Mario Gotze ” I am availabale and will sign for you if you want me”. According to reports, the German world cup hero has told both Liverpool and Dortmund that he will not be joining them and the reason he gave according to the reports is that, a move to any of the two clubs will amount to a demotion for him in his career.

The player reportedly went on to say he would rather a move to Arsenal or the Spanish big guns Barca and Real Madrid. This report is true is sweet in so many ways. And it is coming at a time we desperately need a player like Gotze in our team. His versatility means he will not only be a massive upgrade on Theo Walcott ( who the fans will want the club to get rid of asap ) but also a reliable cover for Mesut Ozil when necessary. And this is aside the fact that he can play in the false nine position.

Considering after buying Renato Sanches, Bayern Munich do not really need Gotze, Arsenal can take advantage and sign him on the cheap.