“He Is Already A Gunner” Okazaki Confirms Vardy Has Signed For Arsenal

This is certainly good news for Arsenal fans who have been expecting a decision on whether Jamie Vardy will be joining Arsenal or staying put at Leicester City. Shinji Okazaki Vardy’s team mate at Leicester City has dropped a big hint that the player could be on his way to Arsenal.

Vardy was expected to make a decision and officially announce if he is going to Arsenal or staying put at Leicester City before flying with England to France for the European Championship but for whatever reason chose to delay making an announcement.

However, Shinji Okazaki who was one of the key players for Leicester City last season as they won the league ahead of Arsenal believes Vardy will be a big hint at Arsenal which is probably an indication that the player is on his way to Arsenal.

‘I think he has the potential to adapt to any style of soccer. At Leicester, we just happened to play the way we did and he fit fine,’ Okazaki told the Japan Times.

‘But even in a team that plays possession soccer, he has that sudden burst of speed and there are a lot of players at Arsenal who will notice that right away and play to that strength of his, like the way they did with Danny Welbeck.

‘He’s not someone who only tries to get behind the defense, though. He picks his spots.

‘Someone like me, I have to really get set up and then go but he can quicken instantly, go from zero to full speed. He can adjust to any style.’

Shinji Okazaki must surely know something for him to have said this. Both played in the same team last season and if Vardy is to leave, he must have called his team mates and wish them a final good bye ( well till they clash against each other when Arsenal taks on Leicester City next season ).