CONFIRMED By Arsenal’s CEO – Aubameyang Could Become A Gunner

Arsenal fans who have been hoping their club will bring in big money signings this summer after the signing of Granit Xhaka can brace themselves for some real exciting time. According to Arsenal chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, Wenger will be given the needed amount of money to spend in the transfer market this summer.

After signing Granit Xhaka, some Arsenal fans were beginning to think the signing of the Switzerland international will be the end of Arsenal’s transfer business. But talking to Arsenal fans during a question and answer session organised by the club, Gazidis was quoted as saying;

“We still have to ask ourselves difficult questions: Did we have the right squad depth for certain difficult functions? We have a good idea of where we feel we fell short and where we feel we did well.

“Because we have a highly-visible manager who represents so much continuity, there is a misplaced belief that things don’t change. There has been tremendous change within, fully embraced and led by Arsène.

“We are in a position that we were not in four or five years ago where we don’t have to sell our best players. We can go and sign world-class players if and when the manager identifies them.”

This means Arsenal can afford to spend big on someone like Aubameyang who to be honest, we really need and is very much within our budget. He is reportedly avaialble for for 56 million which is considering the current market situation is not so expensive.

He is a world class attacker and his versatility means he can play on both wings and as well as a striker. He will be a sort of double edged sword for us.