Arsenal To ANNOUNCE Jamie Vardy Signing As Leicester Seeks Replacement

According to the Observer, West Brom have received a club record bid for striker Saido Berahino from Watford. Berahino has been linked with a move for Watford for the first time this season after nearly joining Tottenham last season before the North London club opted out.

This is yet to be confirmed by West Brom as rumours continue to rise whether the bid has been rejected or accepted . The news will come as a positive one for Arsenal who are eager to sign Jamie Vardy and would be happy to see Watford sign West Brom sign a replacement for Vardy who is rumoured to be Troy Deeney (Watford’s Captain).

This scenario shows that the chances of Arsenal signing Vardy depends on Watford allowing Deeney to move to Leicester and then signing (Watford) Berahino as a replacement for Deeney. This could be the chain of events of this summer transfer.

This also show that despite Watford clearly stating that they would not sell Deeney to Leicester or any other club, the fact that they are making arrangements to sign Berahino show that they might be prepared for the exit of Deeney.

Therefore it could be said that Arsenal’s Vardy signing may likely spark a merry-go-round of Premier League players this summer.