LEAKED PHOTOS – Arsenal’s 2016/17 Away Kit

North London club Arsenal‘s away kit for  the 2016/17 season appears to have beenn leaked, and looks similar to something German club Borussia Dortmund would wear.

Arsenal has only officially released their home kit for next season so far this summer and that follows usual tradition with red and white dominating the strip.

Yellow or gold shirt has been consistently used through their last five away strips, stretching back to the 2009/10 campaign when the squad wore a dark blue pin-stripe kit. But before that , Arsenal wore a white and maroon strip in between some more yellow/golf away kits.

In what appears to be the kit for next season, yellow is included, with black chosen as the other colour by Arsenal and kit manufacturers Puma.

Giant Kint manufacturer Puma design and produce the Borussia Dortmund jersey too and there are similarities to what the German club would usually wear as a home strip and what Arsenal could be wearing away next season.

The Arsenal’s away kit for next season was accidentally listed on Puma’s Australian website last night, where a fan screenshot the kit before it was later taken down. The picture was quickly posted to reddit.com:


Optimized-Screen-Shot 2

Optimized-Screen-Shot 3

As at press time, no official press statement yet from Arsenal or Puma with regards to an away strip or European kit. But considering the accuracy of most leaks this summer, Arsenal fans can expect to see something similar going on sale starting from next month ahead of the new English season.