Wenger To Pay £60m For Alvaro Morata?

Morata is the striker many Arsenal fans want at the Emirates this summer. This is despite the fact that Real Madrid are demanding as much as £60 million for him. Which to be fair is steep for a player who is not known to be very prolific but again, it can be argued that he has not been given enough chances to showcase his obvious talent.

In comparing to Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette, is Morata worth the extra money? To me, Morata is hand and shoulder above Lacazette. And the reason is simple. The Spaniard is younger than the Ligue 1 star and for a young striker of his age to feature and come top at Serie A it means he is adequately fit to perform at any high-level. He has always scored in big matches even when he was at Real Madrid.

He also has added bonus of being a proven impact substitute. However, this would not be Arsenal’s chief aim in purchasing him, but truth be told, it would be a nice bonus.

His addition to our attack would give us at least a plan B to Giroud, if he doesn’t oust Giroud from the first team that’s. With Ozil in the team, Morata or even any other strikler who is fast and likes running behind defenders will score a lot of goals.

Personally I would want Morata at Arsenal, but truth be told, he is not a £60 million player. By paying £60 million for him, one will be paying £60 million for a potential that may not be realised in the end. Example abounds in football. A look closer to home will show you Walcott. He was a potential 10 years ago and today still a potential.