Agent Confirms Mauro Icardi Will Complete Arsenal Deal After Rejecting Napoli Bid

As much as we still doubt manager Arsene Wenger being interested in Mauro Icardi, given the huge rumours surrounding his moves, it can’t be ignored that a possible transfer is reportedly in the cards with Inter according to reports from the Italian media.

Personally, I never expected our deal with the Argentinian to turn into a circus, just because Argentine name is not that big should to bring incessant bidding war.

The 23-year-old still have plenty of football inside of him though he only saw the back of the net 16 times last season. This is nothing to worry about, as during the former campaign before that, Icardi netted outstanding 22-goals for Inter.

However, base on the rumours surrounding the Argentine, and us the latest one comes up from a well-known Italian media outlet known as Calciomercato, who in their report claims that on Thursday, (yesterday to be precise) we are still keeping close tab on the player performances and we’re still considering a deal for the player.

Still on the Italian media report, it also says that we’ve opened talks with the agent – his stunning wife specifically – that would suggest a high level of interest. There report went on claiming that the Argentinian’s wife, Wand Nara is expected to be in London today.

The beautiful Argentina will be in London for a week, and Calciomercato claims that Arsenal want to get serious with the Italian deal. There were also previous report that claimed our interest in Icardi which also hinted at travelling to London which we’ve always thought it was the Icardi camp encouraging Arsenal, or encouraging Arsenal rumours.