Look: Olympian wins bronze in Arsenal shirt

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Abdullah Al-Rashidi won a bronze in the Rio 2016 shooting event and did so in an Arsenal shirt, although the Kuwait international seems confused by that last part.



However, at the Olympic Games this summer, each of the competing county has its own uniform, but the 53-yearold instead, registered as an Independent Olympic Athlete in Brazil.

With that in mind, the Olympian decided to turn up at the competition wearing a Gunner training kit, and it appears to have worked well for him as he walked away with a bronze medal around his neck at the end of tournament.


The fascinating aspect of it all was when asked why he chose our manager Arsene Wenger’s men to help him through the competition in Rio, the admits that he doesn’t even support the Gunners.

Al-Rashidi as quoted by BBC [via Daily Mail] said, ‘I don’t know, I just bought it.’

He does know or not, I believe he is one of us now, pal. Well done on the medal!