How much will Arsenal bank from new Premier League TV deal?

The English Premier League is about to go through its richest times in history.  The world’s most exciting football league is entering its three-year £5.1 billion TV deal.

Over the next three seasons clubs playing in the English top flight are set to bank a wealth of money.

Arsenal pocketed £21.8 million for being shown 27 times on Sky and BT combined during the 2015-16 season – more games broadcasted and more money banked than any other Premier League side.

Our total prize money last season came to £100.8 million, including the Premier League’s equal share payout of £55.5 million and merit money for finishing runners-up: £23.5 million.

The Gunners can expect substantially more than £100 million this season with the new TV package.  The club who finishes bottom of the Premier League this season is set to pocket around £99 million alone depending on the number of their games shown live on UK TV.  That sum is more than Premier League champions Leicester City received last season (£93m).

And whoever wins the Premier League this season will earn more than £150 million – we could expect a similar figure regardless of where we finish, given that Sky and BT love to show our games more than any other team’s.

Paddy Power sports betting have put together the following graphic that shows some of England’s football TV deals, international deals and British record transfers since Andy Gray signed for Wolves from Aston Villa way back in 1979: