Arsenal legend Gilberto Silva reprimands fans protesting against Arsene Wenger

Arsenal Legend Gilberto Silva says fans should show more appreciation for Arsene Wenger effort in the club.

The former defensive midfielder was a part of the Gunners team that won the Premier League back in 2004, establishing himself as an unbeatable player that season.

And he believes people who calling for Wenger’s resignation are quick to forgetthe influence he had on the team when he first came to the Emirates

“He is someone who changed Arsenal’s history, who put them on a different level in terms of philosophy and methodology,” Gilberto told ESPN Brasil.

“When he arrived, there wasn’t even a proper training centre, and today there’s a great training centre.

“At the moment he is living under pressure that is very delicate. There are many fans wanting to kick him out of the club.

“I find it a little bit ungrateful, in a way, because people forget what he did, where he took the club from.

“Honestly, from my perspective, I’d like him to stay, at least for another year.

“Even if it was a last year, but with something planned to value everything he did, the legacy he’s leaving for the club.”