Arsene Wenger hints at an overhaul of the team this summer

Arsenal are hoping to regain their lost form after experiencing a tumultuous season.

Arsenal fans are simply demanding for a change.


It could either come in form of Arsena Wenger’s exit from the club or just some additions to the squad, but it is certain that some changes will be made if the Gunners hope to be a strong contender for the Premier League title next season and reclaim their reputation of being one of the best team in England.

With two more games to go before their season comes to an end, the Gunners have already closed their first business of the summer and Arsene Wenger has hinted that Arsenal will be splashing lots of funds this summer.

But a price needs to be paid for that, and the exit from the club could be as much as the intake this summer.

During the Press conference held at London Colney ahead of Tuesday night’s clash against Sunderland, Wenger was questioned if he would require a larger team, should the Gunners be participating in the Europa League next campaign.

And Wenger was clear in his answer, insisting that his squad was already big enough as it is.

“We have a big squad. A bigger squad is impossible,” he said.

“I think we have a very big squad at the moment that is already difficult enough to manage.”

And Wenger was adamant that Arsenal would be looking to add more depth to the squad this summer, regardless of whether the qualify for the European games.

“I believe finishing outside the top four will not have any influence on how the club will be led and how we will behave on the transfer market.

“I just think that if we finish outside the top four, it will be down to one point, maybe. And one point is will be of course difficult to swallow but that should not change completely the judgement on the quality of the team to a way where you think you absolutely have to change everything.

“It will mean just to keep the same focus, to try to strengthen the squad. We know where it has to be and that’s what the club will have to do.