Arsenal fans given tickets for FA Cup final next month

The Football Association have come out with some important news for next month’s FA Cup final, with Arsena and Chelsea both allocated 28,000 tickets for the game at Wembley Stadium.

Arsenal supporters will be seated on the east wing of the arena while Chelsea’s supporters will hold the west side.

The left over of 14,00 tickets not given to the two club will be handed to members of the FA’s football family – which has volunteers representing counties, leagues, local clubs and charities as its members.

The FA also announced that tickets will be more affordable than it was in 2016, with a cut of £5 in all price points. This implies that adult tickets will be sold at £45, £65, £85 and £115.

The game starts by 5.3pm on 27th of May, with BBC and BT Sport 2 showing a live coverage of the match.

Arsenal will be hoping to win the Cup for the third time in four seasons, following their victory over Hull City and Aston Villa in 2014 and 2015 respectively.