Arsenal playing to a scanty audience in the win over Sunderland

Arsene Wenger says he is amazed at how a top four finish suddenly becomes such a big issue for people.

Wenger have always managed a top four finish since he took the managing job at Arsenal back in 1996.

The fact that he thinks that a commendable achievement has been used against him in times past as Arsenal have not won the Premier League title since their highly successful campaign in 2004

The Gunners currently occupies the fifth position in the points table with just one more game to play, and it looks like a top four finish would be impossible.

And the 67-year-old has expressed his surprise at the amount of pressure his team is getting from others to land a Champions League spot.

“I answered for 20 years the question, ‘the top four is nothing special’. So I don’t know why suddenly it could become such a big problem,” he said.

“I’m quite surprised. I want to absolutely make sure that we are in there but after that let’s get to 75 points and see what happens.”

The recorded attendance at the Emirates Stadium for the Sunderland win was stated to be 59,510, this despite the fact that there were thousands of empty seats all through the game.

Wenger explained: “It’s a Tuesday night against Sunderland, who everyone expects us to beat.

“When you play football, you do not count how many people are sitting in the stand. We do our job and we have done that tonight. Will it be full against Everton? We are sold out.”