Arsenal’s failure is caused by this star player

Arsenal have not claimed the title glory since their memorable campaign in 2004. 13 years of drought, have seen them fail to catch up with the competition around them, just as they have done this season, for the first time in Wenger’s 20 years reign at Arsenal, failing to qualify for Champions League next season.

The immense competition in the Premier League could be held responsible for their failure, but the fans have come to expect no more from them.

Oliver Giroud, when questioned on his future after the season ends, he said he hopes to stay at the Emirates with the hope that he would win a trophy with the team: “There is nothing fixed, but I would say that today I feel good at Arsenal I have two more years on my contract, we will see what the future will be. The Premier League is an increasingly high-profile and contested championship, where five or six teams can potentially claim the title. This is why I still want to continue to want to win this title.”

Unfortunately for the French striker, the Gunners would do better without Giroud. Although he has the kind of talent that could help Arsenal move forward, he also restrains the potential of the whole attack.

His lack of pace, his reluctance to turn away from play and run into the channels, his poor movement when not in the box and his lack of skill to play in a free-flowing, interchangeable front three that seems to unlock the best in a technical and creative midfield all hinder the attacking potency of the collective.

Arsenal are better off without Giroud, and despite his ability to turn a game around to favor his side, a skill that has been Arsenal’s saving grace in a most difficult season, selling him this summer with the intention of buying a better player would be a wise decision, no matter what he hopes to achieve at the club.