Should Arsenal Drop the Salary Cap?

One of the most respected clubs in British association football is undoubtedly Arsenal. The Gunners have made a name for themselves in the history of the sport, as eleven-time champions.

For the last two decades, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has shaped the club as its longest serving and arguably most successful manager. However, he has not been spared criticism for how he runs the club. Recently, his critics have been focused on how little he spends in order to acquire new talent. It has even been suggested that, under Wenger’s command, Arsenal has a salary cap for each player, somewhere along the lines of £200,000 a week.

While this cap may not be listed as a formal rule, at least not to our knowledge, there are facts that make it plausible. For one, Arsenal is underspending significantly, especially when compared with its rival teams in Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea. This is despite the fact that Arsenal is one of the wealthiest clubs in English football, with Emirates Airlines as its sponsor.

Possible Reasons for Conservative Spending

Wenger has often been criticized for not participating actively enough in the transfer market. In recent years, he seems to have favoured nurturing young talent instead of spending an extravagant amount on seasoned talent. However, this has somewhat backfired, as it ended up making Arsenal a feeder club, with a good number of the talent leaving for other clubs.

In 2006, the Gunners moved to their current home known as Emirates Stadiums, named after their sponsor. Arsenal has since had to set aside revenue to pay off debts acquired from building the stadium. It has been reported though that the club has since paid off the loan for the stadium.

While conservative spending may not necessarily mean that Arsenal has implemented a salary cap, it is the likely course of action, given how much of what the club spends goes to paying for its players to stay in the club.

Is the Cap Hurting Arsenal?

With rivals like Chelsea offering its top players wage significantly higher than £200,000 a week, Arsenal can be left in the dust. There is a lot of potential talent that could be opting to take rival offers, given the nature of the sport.

An interesting example is Kalidou Koulibary, currently with Serie A Club Napoli. The Senegalese defender is seeing high demand with Arsenal, Chelsea, and Everton all showing interest. Wegner has personally expressed interest in signing Koulibary, admiring the player’s speed. However, given the clubs recent spending habits, it is quite likely that he ends up with Chelsea instead.

In terms of results, Arsenal finished the last season of the Champion’s League without a place for the first time in 20 years.

Can Arsenal Afford to Get Rid of It?

Most sports pundits definitely think the cap is something Arsenal is better off without. Former Gunner Emmanuel Petit has expressed how he believes that there is a salary cap and how it is hurting Arsenal’s chances at victory.

Arsenal certainly has fans that can support them through their expenses. The club sells out nearly every match at home pitch. Its supporters are among the most loyal in the world.

Betting on Arsenal

Aside from buying tickets, Arsenal fans express their belief in the club with their wallets by gambling a fair amount, undoubtedly using free bets offers by UK bookmakers in order to show their support by betting on an Arsenal win for every match.

If you are an Arsenal fan, then you definitely want to place a few bets on their matches. It shows your faith in the team, and it makes the matches much more interesting. Not to mention that, for most of their matchups, Arsenal is usually the favoured winner, except when it comes to certain opponents like Chelsea and Manchester United, which tends to be inconsistent.

A good tip for bettors in the coming months is too keep an on the transfer market, which is currently quite active. It will soon be seen if Wenger’s frugality will take its toll on his club or if he’ll loosen the reigns on the club’s finances and allow pricey talents to come in, which should be the signal to place those bets!