Arsenal Get Boost In Chase For €50m Rated Likely Ramsey Replacement

Arsenal seems never to learn their lessons when it comes to negotiating players contract renewals. This has cost Arsenal many times as big name players have had to leave the club having ran down their contracts. Last January it was Alexis Sanchez was sadly had to leave the club for peanuts with six months left of his contract.

And this time, there is a good chance that Aaron Ramsey who has been one of Arsenal’s best players in the last three years who could be leaving the club due to the dreaded and well discussed contract issue at Arsenal. Ramsey is said to have less than one year left on his contract and judging by reports in the British media, he and the club are yet to reach an agreement on a new deal. This means he could well be leaving the club for peanuts just like Sanchez did not long ago. I find using the SBK App exciting but Ramsey signing a new contract will beat that feeling for me. But will it happen?

Arsenal seems to find it easy to tie down youngsters to long term contracts but it become a big issue when it comes to the big guns. Whatever is responsible for this we may never get to know but it needs to stop and as soon as possible. It is obvious Kroneke won’t invest his personal money in this club and this means if we want to continue to be relevant among the big clubs in England and Europe at large, we must not only keep our best players but also improve on our scouting game.

Ramsey for me is gone. He will either be sold in January or walk away from the club on a free transfer in the summer of 2019. Many reports have been saying the club remains confident of him signing a new deal but I simply can’t see it. They were confident Sanchez was saying as well but he is now playing for Manchester United. I personally think it is best we start looking for his replacement.

And the good thing is one player who could ably replacement at Arsenal could well be available for peanuts for the same reason why Ramsey himself could be leave. The said player is Adrien Rabiot of PSG. The player has constantly been linked with a move to Arsenal in the last four years but nothing has happened. Rabiot reportedly has just less than 12 months on his contract ( same as Ramsey ) and has rejected PSG’s offer for a contract extension.

He has been linked with a move to Barca in recent time and if the Catalans are truly interested in signing him, they will be favorites for his signature but this doesn’t mean Arsenal shouldn’t try. PSG have till 31st of this month to sell him and if they don’t and he still doesn’t sign a new contract, Arsenal may have a big chance of signing him in January for a significantly reduced price.

Rabiot will be a good addition to Arsenal’s midfield and if you ask me, he will do better for us than Ramsey. Ramsey is no doubt a very good player and like I said earlier he has been one of our best players in the last three years but for me, and this is my personal opinion, he is positionally indiscipline. When he is playing the deep lying playmaking role, he is more often than not seeing acting almost like a second striker. Off course he scores and create many goals but considering how poor our defenders are, that cost us many times as well.

Rabiot is more defensive minded which is what we need and if he is available on a free transfer or for cheap, we should by all means be trying to sign him.