Jens Lehmann makes rather absurd claim but one Arsenal fans would love to come true

Jens Lehmann had a bit of a reputation at Arsenal during his time at the club, with the goalkeeper becoming known as ‘Mad Jens’ by some and it seems he might just be providing some of his crazy antics once again.

Sometimes, it would seem far too obvious that players are used in a media capacity as a pundit solely for the purpose of trying to generate additional clicks and exposure, those generating additional revenue for the outlet that has decided to use them.

And, one of Lehmann’s latest remarks is one that would truly fit into that particular category as it is something that is simply far too hard to even start to believe, although we know everyone at Arsenal would love for it to happen.

Speaking to Bild, the former Germany international has mentioned Arsenal as one of the clubs that Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland could consider moving to in the next stage of his career. Honestly, there is a better chance that someone will win a lot of money playing at the best online casino South Africa has to offer than this potentially happening.

Of course, the Norwegian striker is one of the very best in the game at the moment and will be tipped to be considered one of the greats once his career comes to an end, with the 21-year-old managing to become one of the most prolific strikers the game has ever seen.

Haaland managed to score 41 goals in 41 games last season and already has 13 in his 10 matches across all competitions so far, which is why many of the world’s best teams are thought to have him on their radar ahead of next summer’s transfer window.

Lehmann mentions that the striker could look to head to the Emirates Stadium – or Manchester United – as they are destinations where he can make a real difference and improve them immediately as he would be aiming to take them back to the top.

‘He already has an imposing stature; the force and height,’ the former goalkeeper told Bild. ‘Of course, he has to improve his [right] foot but I have never seen such a big, big player be so fast.

‘He’s still [at Dortmund]. There aren’t that many clubs where he can go and where he can make a difference.

‘Maybe he could go to Manchester United or Arsenal, where he could bring a club back to the top.’

It seems incredibly unlikely and given that he has a release clause of £64 million being activated in the summer, Haaland will likely have the world at his feet when it comes down to choosing his next club. Gamblers can have the world at their feet when they use the best online casinos USA has to offer, too!

If Arsenal are to have any chance of convincing him the Emirates Stadium is where he should be playing his football next, then they will need to improve on their current Premier League position immediately and obtain UEFA Champions League football to even be a consideration.