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Arsenal Banter is an Arsenal blog intended to give an interesting look at the (usually!) depressing life as an Arsenal Fan.

We currently have two main writers who are:

Luke Taylor – A young Gooner living in Bristol who is in training to be a full-time writer and does the Arsenal opinion pieces.

Andrei Marin – A Romanian Gooner who gives you an out-of-towners view of the Arsenal News.

I am Dagmar Gessert the editor and co owner, who also contributes Arsenal articles to Arsenalbanter.com when the other two are otherwise disposed!

Kingsley Adeyeabo : The brain behind the blog. Life long Arsenal fan. Deals with management of the writers and every other thing that goes unto the site.

Our mailing address (If you fancy sending us a cheque!) is:

Arsenal Banter
Pe 7 1 Pb

If you want to contact us quicker with any questions or suggestions (or any interesting articles!) please contact us at admin@arsenalbanter.com.

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