Alan Shearer – RVP Will Break My Record

English legendary striker Alan Shearer is one of Robin Van Persie’s biggest fans when it comes to his record of 36 goals in only one calendar year. Robin is about to break that record and Shearer couldn’t be happier about that.

“ROBIN VAN PERSIE will take one of my records away from me before the end of the month. “

“I’m pretty sure of that and I’ll be the first to congratulate him.”

“He will beat my total of 36 Premier League goals in a calendar year — a record, by the way, I was unaware of until it was mentioned to me on Match of the Day at the weekend. “

“I set that mark back in 1995, when I was with Blackburn.”

“But records are there to be broken and I can think of no better striker than the Dutchman to write his name in the history books. “

With 4 games still to be played in the Premiership this year Robin has a big chance to break the record. With 33 goals so far, he only needs 4 more and if he will continue the run he’s on that will prove to be no problem for the Dutchman. Do you think he’ll break the record?




  1. I like RVP and the kind of form he is on will make alot of people will think he will be break the record but I don’t see it happening in 3 games.

    However, who cares about the record, provided he continue bagging in goals for us and we continue winning. At the end of the day, they will count the trophies he wins with his teams not his personal trophies.

  2. I will rather he did not if it will jeopardise arsenal’s chances of winning matches but i will be happy if he does and arsenal also do well..

  3. We have a way of either bottling things or just letting them slip out of our grasps & this record will be no exception! Yes I’ll be one of those wanting us to add another record, albeit individual, onto our almost dried up cap; but I tell u now, it won’t happen!
    Why? Because we are The Arsenal; end of! No other logical reasoning behind my assertion!
    I hoe however I’m proved very wrong.

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