Arsenal are still contenders for this years Premiership title

Arsenal seems to have quietly staked a claim on this year’s Premier League title with the swift and somewhat understated signings of Corzola, Giroud and Podolski. Perhaps the departure of Van Persie cajoled the Arsenal boardroom into action with Wenger a pleased observer.

Arsenal have acquired a crop of attacking players that can compete ‘technically’ with the best in Europe. They already had the likes of Arteta and Song displaying unprecedented passing efficiency but now they have Corzola to add that extra touch of class.

Other English and European teams seem to be either stalling or downright stagnating so Arsenal’s latest push for supremacy could be perfectly timed. This is surely Wenger’s best side since the likes of Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira demonstrated nothing short of some of the finest football the game has ever seen. Arsenal’s new breed may not be as direct or cavalier as the school of 2001/2004, but they will play the kind of Tiki-Taka possession at all costs game of Europe’s finest.

Arteta and Wilshere have long been two of England’s finest technical players – despite Wilshere’s young age plus Oxlade Chamberlain is one of England’s finest young talents and Walcott can provide raw pace when needed.

The blend is there for a fine season and anyone with an eye on the odds, on offer from the modern array of bookies and online casino, will see that they are generally over 12/1 for this year’s championship. While checking the odds, you could also try a casino game or two. There are even football themed pokies on some sites, some of the slots even celebrating the nostalgic past of teams like Arsenal.

The 2012/13 season is very much a step into the unknown with Man United seeming to fade and City as yet still to truly establish themselves.




  1. the only reply to this blog is simple. Ask MUFC, MCFC and CFC players n managers if they think they can win the premiership this season, and responses will b affirmative. Ask AW and AFC players same and they’ll say we hav to try to be in the top 4 then we’ll see wat happens. Its clear dat even AW and AFC players do not hav the belief they can challenge 4 da title. To b champions, that belief must be grafted into da team, cuz without dat believ they’ll alwaz b willin to settle 4 less.

  2. you have got to be joking we r going down with wenger we have no strikers transitional period is over no more signings wenger out wenger out wenger out

  3. as my name suggests that is where the club is going…..slowly down. The article has clearly been written by someone on drugs. Arsenal would do well to finish fourth, and i agree with many pundits that assess arsenal to have “no chance” of winning the league. podolski is a good playr, giroud is average at best, just a potentially better striker than chamakh. Players like gervinho, diaby would struggle to make the grade at any of the top 10 sides in the prem. We are not the force we used to be…..7th place behind everton , newcastle and liverpool.

  4. pesimissim is always good.let wenger also listen to us and atleast look for a song replacement.we’re heartbroken.

  5. This is a very serious problem,Song has left arsenal.Please AW try your level best to look for an alternative fast fast or else let us forget about titles this season.Common A.W time is running do your best to get us a replacement of Song…….Please we beg the board to give the green light to A.W If this done quickly arsenal will again live a mark in the history of EPL and Champions League.God bless the board and A.W for listening to our appeal.

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