Arsenal’s Board Ready For A Revolution

According to different newspapers Arsenal’s board is fed up with the current string of results at Arsenal  and with the trophy drought which has been going on for too long already at the club so they’re going to put an end on the wage cap policy and start a small revolution at the club.

The same publications say that the board is also looking to cross the wage boundary which is currently set at £100,000 per week and offer captain Robin Van Persie a contract extension he can’t refuse.

Robin has one more season to go on the Emirates Stadium come the summer if he won’t extend his contract, but money are unlikely to motivate the captain to sign a new contract. Arsene Wenger will have much better luck in convincing him to sign if several top players are going to be brought at the club in the summer.

Arsenal surely has to undergo a massive reconstruction because the drought is already becoming nerve wrecking for both players and fans. Arsenal ended up in a shameful position and unfortunately nothing better can be foreseen at the moment. What do you think should Arsenal’s board do?




  1. in my own point of view,i hope dey sack wenger bcos is unfair not to receiver any trophy since last seven years is paining us d fan or else he should boy like 6 top class player nd experience,success is sure,UP GUNNERS.

  2. Inaccurate article by miles! The boardroom only cares about money! Wenger cares about the team. Did Wenger not sign Mata??? Did the boardroom not want to meet his wage demands as a result, the player went where the money is, you can’t blame him for that? Wake up! The boardroom knows that if they fire Wenger, they will not be able to pay him off as they did to Lady Nina to shut her up.

    Start writing articles about the boardroom instead of Wenger, Let’s see how they respond to that! A head is reflection of its body, last time I checked, the head was the boardroom and silent stan!

    1. Prior to Wenger’s arrival Arsenal’s best successive run of top four finishes was 5 seasons – in the 1930’s
      We’re annoyed because the team hasn’t been far away from success last year should have won the carling cup and 08/09 would have won with Eduardo.

      Get some perspective we’re letting the media dictate our opinions we were in seventh a few weeks back we’re now in fourth with a little luck in chelsea’s form

      we win the next 2 league games than we r good if we lose them then, will be the time for an overhaul

  3. Sorry to say it because he did wonders for the arsenal. But just like an old pro he’s not up to the task anymore and it’s time for him to move on. Personally I’m fed up of excuses concerning ref decisions etc. if he looked more at his own decisions, tactics, man motivation skills etc maybe we wouldn’t be in this position.

  4. with v perise money will not be a
    the resion he leaves or stays
    what we know of him and thats not much
    he dose not seem like one who will
    go to a diffrent county with young kids chnage there lives for abit extra money.

    we saw with fabrigas
    his making less at barcelona to what he was getting paid ar arsenal.

    we as a club are going down hill and he dont look like we are chaning tooo many avrage players at the club
    and every year we sell best players bring in avrage players for cheap.

    why would any good player want to be at a club thats going backwords when they could play for a team that fights to win.

    something has to change at the club i do think the board plays a big part in all this.
    if they wanted to they could say wenger you have money go put in a 30 million bid for hazard who wenger wants.

    but they dont there more then happy to buy cheap and fill there own pockerts up.

    best thing to do
    is do a mass protestes near the end of the season.

  5. The best news will be to sell Arsene wenger,and all frige players! Clense the field,change name from Emirates to Highbury. also Stane to hand over the club to Elisha Usmanov!.Otherwise disaster is looming.

  6. A revolution is needed. In the worlds of the Real madrid, Chelsea, Mancity etc where the best can be bought at whatever cost, Arsenal is years behind. It is possible to buy any title, Chelsea did and man city is on the verge. Good players cost money. iving on finished products has its limitiations like Chelsea is now seening, but if you have good players and plan replacements, the team will always remain on top. Barcelona cannot be said to have spent like mancity or chelsea butthey are in a clss far higher than these two clubs. Arsenal should buy some good palyers and keep them. Th idea of grooming and selling players has not done the club any goo. You loose top players and donot replace them but expect same result. Tht is Wenger. He needs to give way for fresh ideas and approach.

  7. A revolution would need to include the exit for AW and a whole new coaching structure, wage structure, changes to playing staff and business plan. It won’t be good enough just to insist AW spends the money he has ALREADY had available. His entire approach to the top game has been left behind in the late 1990s and early 200s. As far as Arsenal players, tactics, game plan are concerned …. nobody else’s view counts.

  8. Getting wenger is not the answer but getting rid of kronke and his cronies like ivan and the board would be the answer. Usmanov must take over and push wenger to spend. Hazard, gotze, m villa, benzema, vertoghan would be our galacticos. Along with RVP, wilshire we can tear any team aside even messi n co.

    1. i like your comment and all the players you mentioned add neymar to that list and we really could be up there with the best.

      wenger cant keep pulling RABBITS out of HATS, something really needs to be done.

  9. Somehow I get the feeling Usmanov will burst onto the scene this summer along with Dein and Red and White Holdings, he`s been quiet too long. Kroenke on the other hand is busy working out how to maximize his profit from his investment. Once this is sorted we can talk about Wenger and players but not before.

  10. All we need is good strong world class players. Arsene Wenger is the right manager for Arsenal, he is no problem, The board is the problem.

  11. The should buy players I mean both boys and men,Arsenal has money more tottiham but today we can nt march them on d field of play the are better then us today,this club will never win anytin under Arsene Wenger bc everybody kns his game plan I mean all coaches,Wenger has nothing to offerdis club aagain believe me guys.

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