Fabianski ready to challenge Szczesny for Arsenal Number One spot

Arsenal’s goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski just came back from injury and played his first match for the club, since achieving full fitness, yesterday against Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup. Before the injury he was the first-choice goalkeeper, and despite Szczesny’s fabulous growth in the last season, the Polish goalkeeper should be worried for the starting position.

“Working hard is all I can do, and when a chance comes up I just have to take it,”

“Before the injury I was doing well, playing regularly, and it was a really good time for me. Suddenly it was over, like that. That’s how it is in football.” (Arsenal.com)

Fabianski had a good first match. He let only a goal in and saved a few very good shots. The goal Arsenal conceded against Shrewsbury Town was unstoppable, and the goalkeeper can’t be blamed for that one.

Fabianski was out since last season, and now that he’s back Wenger can be more at peace knowing that he has a very good back-up in case Szczesny loses his pace or gets injured again.

Given the Polish’s late performances, it’s safe to say that his position is not for the taking right now and that he will remain the first choice if he will continue to have this kind of performances.

With Fabianski now fit, Arsenal still has to get back Wilshere, Diaby and Vermaelen in order to have an empty infirmary. The goalkeeper will want to fight to get his spot back, but do you think he still has the chance to replace Szczesny?

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One thought on “Fabianski ready to challenge Szczesny for Arsenal Number One spot

  • September 21, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    One was at the match yesterday and to be brutally honest, Fabianski is not good enough. He has always been what has been termed, “Flappy” and yesterday I held my head in my hands as I was truly worried regarding his performance!

    Certainly SZNY is our best goal keeper and rightly so.

    Apologies to seem negative but that it what I saw last night.
    On the other hand the OX, Frimpong and Jenkinson are great and I am happy with them to say the least!!!


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