Footballers – What to Eat on Training Days

In all sports, football included, nutrition is a vital factor for the best performance. Of course, talent matters, but for one to deliver top-notch performance in training and replicate the same on match day, a proper diet is vital.

Soccer players need to be strong to shield the ball from opponents and have high levels of endurance to ensure they see out the 90 minutes and perhaps, extra time. For all that to happen, a well-balanced diet is essential. Sports scientists and fitness experts advise players to make sure they consume a variety of carbs, healthy fats, protein, and vitamins.

Performance enhancement drugs such as deca durabolin organon can be used to complement your workouts and diet.

Now let us get into what you should include on your plate as a footballer to ensure peak performance on the pitch.


This is one of the vital meals since its meant to keep you active and energetic during training.

There are a plethora of foods that you can take for breakfast. Porridge is always a perfect choice since it is digested slowly. It also contains high amounts of protein which means that there is a slow rise in blood sugar levels rather than the quick sugar rush seen with refined carbohydrates. You can tweak your porridge recipe to include a variety of whole grains.

Whole milk can also be served alongside the porridge, or taken on its own. Milk is a good source of calcium which is essential for healthy bones.

Eggs are great sources of proteins. Proteins are crucial for building and repair of muscle tissues. Add some brown toast for healthy whole grain carbohydrates.

Avoid overeating or consuming foods with high fiber content as they take longer to be digested, slowing down your day.


After training, your muscles are worn down due to the workout activities, and your energy levels are depleted. Pasta and rice are an excellent option for lunch since they are not only digested fast but are also rich in carbohydrates.

Some grilled chicken will equally make a good lunch meal. Just like rice, chicken is quickly digested and contains high amounts of proteins. Proteins are vital to repairing your muscle cells at this stage.

Whey protein shake is a good post-workout drink, capable of providing an appropriate dose of proteins.

Evening Meal

Whether you take part in an afternoon training session or not, the importance of dinner should not be underestimated. Similar to your breakfast, your evening meal should comprise of light foods that will be digested fast. Also, you should eat your dinner a few hours before going to bed to ensure its broken down before sleeping.

Grilled turkey served alongside quinoa will be a suitable dinner choice. These two are packed with copious amounts of carbohydrates and proteins which will help to rebuild your muscles and provide you with enough energy.

Stay Hydrated

During training, you are bound to lose much water through sweat. Dehydration is a leading cause of muscle cramps. It is crucial that you take adequate amounts of water.

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