Is Podolski Really The Solution To Arsenal’s Striker Problems?

‘Arsenal are a top club. They have a good team and play right at the top level in England.’

That was what Lukas Podolski had to say about Arsenal. With Robin van Persie firing on all cylinders, there is always the frightening possibility of Van the Man getting injured – with no capable backup available for him as Chamakh and Park Chu-Young have both flattered to deceive so far in their time at Arsenal – could Podolski be the solution to this problem?

In numbers Podolski has fared generally well in terms of goalscoring, netting 103 times in a mere 274 matches. These matches are in the Bundesliga against capable teams, so it is a good measure for his ability in front of goal. His international record is extremely impressive as well with the German scoring 43 goals in 95 matches, no mean feat! People who watched England’s 4-1 defeat to Germany will remember him lashing in Germany’s second goal.

If Podolski is transferred and played as the lone striker in the 4-3-3 formation, his goalscoring record for this season will more than assure doubtful fans – he netted 9 times out of 14 – that he has the expertise to guide the front line when van Persie is rested.

Besides being a regular for the German national team with a whopping 95 caps already at the age of 26, there is no doubt that he has the experience and the maturity to play in a team like Arsenal. Most importantly, he is a “ready-made” striker, which would be a very well calculated gamble if Arsene Wenger is to buy him for the club.

In a nutshell, Podolski would be a terrific solution for the striker problems. From Germany’s premier football league (like Mertesacker), he should have little problems adapting to the pace of the Premier League. People will speak of Marco Reus, the other striker from Germany rumoured to join Arsenal, but I think that Podolski’s wealth of experience will make him more useful in the Arsenal team.




  1. you just want arsene to sign anyone as long as he’s a new signing.
    this dude flopped at bayern because he was homesick. he had to go back to his hometown. are you sure you want arsenal to spend money on this guy?
    maybe he’s grown up now and ready to live away from cologne but i still think he’s a big gamble. if he can suffer homesickness living in munich what about london?

    1. Just because someone flops at Bayern it doesn’t make them crap. Just ask Miroslav Klose. He was atrocious for Bayern but he tore up Bundesliga at Werder and currently tops the scoring charts in Serie A for Lazio. Not to mention he’s also one of the most prolific international strikers in the past decade.

      Bayern Munich is not the end all, be all of German football, though Der Kaiser would have you believe that much. I don’t tihnk it was homesickness but simply put he just didn’t fit Bayern – it happens.

  2. He certainly has the ability, and is a very capable winger. From what I’ve seen of him at international level, he has the required mentality, as he rarely makes a mistake when it comes to playing the final pass or finishing a chance, so based on that, he would be a signing.
    Sow is another option who might be more hungry for success.

  3. The main thing is that an immediate support for Van Persie is essential, because guys like Park are not quite ready yet. A proven striker at 26, Podolski seems just the right candidate, in the January Window……not next Summer.

  4. plz plz get podolski! he can also play down the wings right? it would be sick to see podolski,vp n arshavin as forwards in some game together, all technical players that are creative and love to take shots from where ever.

  5. Who made mention of arshavin, pls we r nt sick upstairs at least we r nt going back bt forward we all knw dt the days of arshavin is gone lets stop deceiving ourselves bicos of his past glory and embrace the future, rite yesterday realmadrid wnt to sell huigine to chelsea, arsenal can as well go for him now, what abt cavani of napoli dt demolished the mancity in their champions league, sow is the best goal scorer lille fc hv now and he is ready to join arsenal bicos he is a gunner rite from Africa and he wnt dt dream fitful now. Wenger act now plzzzzzz we luv u

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