Ivan Gazidis : Arsenal Are Closing On Transfer Targets

When words of reassurance becomes a recurring decimal from an institution, it only means such an institution is well aware that those being reassured have developed an element of doubt because of past disappointment. That is the case that many Arsenal fans find themselves. Every summer reassurances have come from the club hierarchy, but it has always been failed promises as the club has always fallen short in the playing department after the transfer window closes.

Ivan Gazidiz made a both statement last summer about the club’s new financial power, although he has gone with caution this time, this has not stopped him from reassuring fans and all alike that the club is already in negotiations with it said targets. Yet, the cliche that actions speaks louder than words has not always been the forte of most things Arsenal.

The picture of things this summer must go further than reassurances, because the famed talk of financial power should be matched by actions especially when the activities of the club’s rivals are taken into consideration. Already Chelsea have gone about their business quietly by securing the services of Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa though the latter’s transfer has not be confirmed.

Failing to get things done properly this summer will not only throw the fanbase into bouts of disappointment, it will send a wrong message to the players. As Laurent Koscielny had already stated that he expects the club to sign at least four players. And Mezut Ozil added when he joined last summer that the club intends to add more world class players to the fold in the coming years.

A failed summer again in the transfer market could just spell doom for the club fortunes on the field of play. The battle for the top positions in the league gets ever so tough every season, and a failure to react properly to the increasing stake will only mean that Arsenal will end up falling further behind it rivals. The field before was small, but with the re-emergence of the Merseyside clubs, and the fact that Manchester United cannot be as bad as last season, it only means that the club cannot afford to be lethargic when it comes to it transfer dealings this summer.

Although, the summer is still at it early stage, the signs looks rather grim at least for now as some are already up in arms at the lack of transfers. Yet the need of the team is widely known in terms of a striker, a defensive midfielder, a right back, backup goalkeeper and a pacy winger. But, much have been written about the fact that the club finds it difficult to tie down deals as early has others does.

The club must do the needful and send out a clear message that it words of being in talks with targets can be matched with the required action when it comes to tying up deals. As another failed summer of coming up short could just see the wheels come off.




  1. What is required now is to sign the following:- A goal keeper, a defensive midfielder, a striker, and a right full back. With the performance of Joel, there is no need for another winger.

  2. Gazidis trying to con the fans again, this has become the trick of every summer window to get the fans rush the season’s tickets what we should do is wait for the signings to happen and it should be class signing not cheap buys or like they say it’s like new signing

    1. Well maybe the England based Arsenal fans need to stop giving Arsenal money. Start boycotting the matches and stop buying season tickets.

  3. This time I having a doubt with mr.Arsene wengers decisions even he seems to me he loses his confidence.no tangible activities has done in the transfer window & he is letting go his players to the rivals but others are not allowing their players for their rivals . mr wenger build good players but lastly when they are being matured let them to his contenders.thus arsenal seems a saler club. it is shame always we have money & we will buy players who suits to the club but not yet only words.

  4. Arsenal are often slow to act and targets are being hijacked. It seems Arsenal are not the preferred choice of marquee players. Look at Chelsea get what they want with no fuss. Something is not right with our negotiators or Arsenal are the last choice for transfer targets.Arsenal must change to attract the star players by showing intent and financial might. Go for the best let opponents bid for the rest is the way to win trophies. Half-hearted dealings and fringe players save you some money but lose your trophies which are why we are in the league.

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