Let’s face it – Arsenal will never buy Eden Hazard….

The biggest Arsenal transfer target Eden Hazard’s rumour pool gets bigger after Manchester City’s manager Roberto Mancini spoke about his interest in the attacking midfielder AGAIN!

This is not the first time Mancini admits his admiration for the Belgian international, and the Italian manager is not the only one who wants him, with Ferguson and Wenger also hot on his trail. The Lille attacking midfielder proved his extraordinary skills once again this season for the Ligue 1 side after some incredible performances, and is certain to leave France this summer, but with both rich Manchester clubs ready to drive the price up there is little chance of him ending up at Arsenal.

Mancini said today: “Given his technical qualities, City would be the perfect destination for him.

“I know him and have been following him for a long time. He’s a player a lot of teams want.”

Even Lille’s officials have admitted that keeping Eden at the club will be an impossible mission for them at this time, and that the attacking midfielder will leave in the summer. The destination is still far from being known, but Arsenal, Tottenham, City, United and Chelsea are openly tracking his every move, so the summer transfer period might get more than interesting if at least two or three of the clubs will decide to follow the interest up with an official offer.

But if Arsenal are one of them you can be certain they will be outbid very quickly with competition from that lot!




  1. Unfortunately, I differ on my opinion on Hazard. He is a good player no doubt but I feel he may not live up to expectation in the future. Already his price tag is outrageous and this could hunt him when he is bought by a team who will expect too much from him after such an investment – a Torres situation repeating! Arsenal should forget about him and go for Gotze. That boy is good.

    1. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! I bet, Hazard’s head is already swollen by now. Bearing his present state of mind and high expectations occassioned by all the favorable media hype, can we (Arsenal) match his wage expectations? My thoughts? Most probably not. So why exert so much energy on him? No point as far as I am concerned.

  2. Ivan has already said we won’t buy hazard !!! We don’t pay extortionate money for ‘complete’ players, we make them remember ?!? Amazing how the club quash these rumours and 5 months later the press/blogs are still going on about this story. Chelsea city or man u will buy hazard, and good luck to them. Overpriced at £35m. How many arsenal officials need to tell you ‘no’ before people get the message. He’s been too overhyped now and quite frankly hes going about his business in a mercenary fashion.

  3. Who said there will be an auction? utd might offer 25 and we only offer 15 + park. but that does not mean he will become a united player. plenty of players have moved to clubs offering less of a fee and lower salaries. it all depends on the player. you never know the draw of playing with gervinho and vertonghen 2 of his good mates plus his cousin might just sway the deal.

  4. i dont think hazard would be a good player for us judging by his youtube video what hazard will do next?seems arrogant,self centered to me.doesn,t look like an arsenal player to me!but i could be wrong!!

  5. I would wait infill the summer before assuming. I believe we will look to get the best players possible for the team, if not hazard then kagawa would be a good option. Just wait untill the summer but I think it will be the last draw if we do not add top talent.

  6. This KID is gonna be another Na$ri. He is ALL about the $ 1st prestige 2nd and team tied for 6th. Google his statements since say Dec. Seriously I’d be way happier with ‘lesser’ knowns with lower price tags that may actually stay for more than a year or 2

  7. It would be great if he was an arsenal player … he is a quality player.

    But it is not happening, so put it to bed and anyone who thinks it might needs a dose of reality (what ever that costs)

    Costs to much, wages to high and lets face it.. to high profile for us. Occasionally we may get a big(ish) name player but all to often its the other guy, using the big name to cover our tracks.

    Keep that stuff to fifa … i just want to hold on to our players, and even that seems like a tal order, yet people think we could get hazard

  8. i really don’t know why arsenal should always get into race with those rich guys,eden is very expensive, his price could earn arsenal four or five players, let go eden and get defenders or striker, i personally see no problem with arsenal midfield, with the like frimpong, coquellen, jack to return. please go for one or two more strikers and defenders ease the burden of rvp and the verminator.

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