Paul Merson says Arsenal would have claimed the title glory if Wenger had been more flexible

Arsene Wenger is known for being a miser, hardly spending the club’s funds when he’s supposed to.

And former Arsenal player Paul Merson says the Frenchman should let loose and take more out of the coffers to sign more quality players.

He thinks Arsenal would have claimed the title glory for themselves if the Gunners boss had brought a top striker to the Emirates.

“When [Real Madrid striker Karim] Benzema had a chance to come in and he says, ‘What do I need Benzema for, I’ve got [Olivier] Giroud?’ Don’t say that, just put in a bid,” Merson told Newsweek.

“You know, [they offered Liverpool] £40m-and-a-pound for Suarez. Bid £60m. Arsenal would have won the league by now.

“There’s an arrogance at Arsenal at the moment, and the arrogance isn’t helping at all.

“The fans are fighting each other and people up above couldn’t care less.”


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