Robbie Savage – Wenger was wrong, but he still deserves respect

Robbie Savage is hardly a good friend or supporter of Arsene Wenger, but the hardman was still shocked at seeing Arsenal fans turn on Le Prof during last weeks game against Man Utd.

Even though Savage believes that Wenger made a mistake by taking off the Ox, he thinks that the fans reactions was out of order considering how much Wenger has done for the club over the last 15 years.

Savage said in his column in The Mirror: I can’t understand Wenger’s decision.

Oxlade-Chamberlain had just set up Robin van Persie’s equaliser and was giving United kittens every time he touched the ball. At 18, he wasn’t going to run out of steam, either.

And it’s not as if Arsenal had a midweek game to save him for.

But I can’t understand the derision, either.

Wenger might be stubbornly tight when it comes to spending the club’s money, and he might be the world’s worst loser, but there’s no doubt that he DOES know what he’s doing.

He didn’t deserve that.

And I wonder whether that fan reaction could see him walk away from the Emirates at the end of the season if, as is rumoured, Jose Mourinho parts company with Real Madrid.

Wenger shouldn’t be guaranteed a job at Arsenal, but he should be guaranteed some respect.

I know that Wenger is used to criticism from the Arsenal fans and he must have grown a skin of steel to have learnt to ignore the barrage of snide remarks, but surely not even he can carry on taking this stick much longer…





    1. Why does the behaviour of any person make you lose your passion for an entire Football Club? Especially a person who isn’t even a player.

      If Arsenal lost every game this season, got relegated, lost every game next season and got relegated, then did it all again the following season, Arsenal would still be in my heart and only Arsenal.

      The actions of players, the managers, the board and the opinions of fellow fans does nothing to make me lose passion for Arsenal.

      Yeah, that’s me clapping and cheering when people like you are booing.

  2. Arsene has no communication skills. The Supporters ARE the club. If they feel agrieved then he should listen. Arsenal fans have been the most patient fans in history. in the previous five years fans have known about Arsene’s plans to build from youth and they supported him on that. Now, no-one knows what he is doing, why he’s making the decisions he is, and he can’t explain them…in fact ‘he doesn’t need to explain them’. I disagree, YES Arsene you do, until then the supporters are right to vent their anger. He probably should walk……what other top club would put up with 8 years without silverware???

  3. Wenger & Arshavin are being blamed unfairly. Any serious fan would agree that United were much superior, for instance, during the first half had Nani and Welbeck been clinical it would have been a different story.

    1. I agree that its not Wenger and hope he stays even if he doesn’t go for a mega bucks signing and just does a couple of his £10 that he can turn into world class players, but Arshavin is shockingly crappy, hes been given a ridiculous number of chances to prove himself and utterly and shockingly failed every-time, he has to go in the summer and it wasn’t a good decision not to replace him this winter.

      1. Arshavin has been a better player in the last three starts compared to Walcott and Ramsey in their last three starts. Arhavins dribbling and attacking has drastically improved in those starts. We should start him on the left and Alex Oxelaide on the other wing.

  4. Wenger did make a bad choice taking off the ox, but as he said he had made the right choice for the first 70 minutes playing him. I am a Wenger fan though I do believe that he a bit too stubborn and his policies hurting the club

  5. what iknow from team perfomance with United,is that , arsenal had only one live foward ie oxlade,n aleast robin,,Wenger dd something that u can not believe, it comes from an experienced and respected coach like him,,substuting oxlade!! that was crazy!!! To me the one who would have to be sustuted very ealy was Ramsey,but what happen then,, knows wenger!! we had a policy of developing young talents players, i dont kow what was behind this policy,my be it was a policy of developing talents and sale,, not for building a great Arsenal on future,look. we had reyes,ces, nasri, clich,in our long plan where ar they?? this shows that the policy FAILED,now it is enough,we need joy,wenger please, arsenal is not an academy school it is great big club,it is a club for trophies,if Wenger failed to find quality,experienced players let the board do it for the club,fans,wenger and respect.

  6. Robbie savage is missing the point. Many fans that booed will probably genuinely respect wenger for what he HAS achieved, but you cant remain respectful and silent when your club is going down the drain. The problem is that wenger has too much respect. Ex-players and many arsenal fans always dilute their opinions of wenger with the opening line something like: “you have to respect wenger what hes done for the club”..they usually go on to say “if he was available every club in europe would want him”.This is analagous to THE KINGS CLOTHES situation. Many people are blinded by what he HAS achieved a long time ago. I urge people to judge wenger on the here and now and avoid a sentimental historical assessment of 7 years ago or more.On the subject of respect…is it respectful for a manager to dismess the opinions of fans and ex-players so arrogantly? it respectful to continue the same poilicies and dragging the club down because your ego is so big and you would never admit you got it wrong. What wenger does isnt respectful to the football club and the fans as he is only concerned with his own image. The slogan “arsene knows best” may well have been his idea.
    If wenger want enduring respect and admiration from the fans that still believe in him he should go ASAP, otherwise many of those fans will see the king without his clothes.

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