Some good news for Arsenal at last!

After losing the game against Fulham in the last minute of the game plus the loss of yet another defender, to a sending off this time, it was about time Arsenal fans were given some good news, so here it is!

First of all Arsene Wenger laid into the referee after the Fulham game, saying he was “naive” and “conned” by the Fulham players. Even I was certain that the FA would charge him over those remarks but it seems they have decided to be lenient. Perhaps they are still full of festive cheer, or perhaps they know that Wenger was completely right in what he said?

Next up, it has been announced that Bacary Sagna is aiming for the Man Utd game on the 22nd January for his comeback game. It will be a welcome boost for the Arsenal defence, as well as the news that Kieran Gibbs could be back the following week if all goes well. (Not that it ever does with Gibbs but you never know!)

By then we should also be close to having the brilliant Jack Wilshere close to full fitness, and (as long as there are no more injuries in the next few games) Wenger will at last have a defensive line-up that are actually playing in the correct positions.

Of course the final bit of good news to cheer everyone up is that Sebastien Squillaci has now had ten minutes playing time and will be nearly match-fit in time for the visit to Swansea lol!




    1. Wenger cant by any player over his dead body.the only thing i wish is 4 him to die coz he has killed alot of arsenal fans.

  1. so where’s the good news? i spent my precious time loging into this post only to read nonsence. of what value are the players yu have mentioned? we lost most of the games they played in. i thought the good news was that wenger has bought 4 class players

  2. Morgan r u a spuds fan coz no1 in there right mind would say they want AW dead u either are a spuds fan or a very childish stupid dickhead Wenger know what he’s doing u idiot

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