Feb 152012

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to worry about the fact that the world financial crisis might hit the clubs again even though at times it seems that it’s gone and everything is okay.

The Frenchman also worries about the possibility of going backwards instead of forwards due to the financial status of the clubs.

“You could say that the crisis at the moment in England is a bit like fire. It moves very quickly from one club to another,” said the Frenchman.

“It’s a fire with strong wind so you have to be a bit cautious because it can quickly come back. The wind can blow it quickly back.

“This is the important time for us. Before the week started, I said that this week would be vital for us. It’s down to us to do well and hopefully we will do it.”

“If I would think we have no chance to win the game I would stay at home. I don’t like to waste my time,” he said.

“I believe what makes football interesting is that you can win everywhere.

“We have shown we can win everywhere and I have full confidence in this team that we can do it.

“We will try to play our game. Milan are a good side. We think we are a good side.

“We will attack, they certainly will as well. So it should be a good game.”

Arsenal’s manager seems pretty secure of the win against Milan but the game will surely not be an easy one. Do you think the Gunners have what it takes to win the match?

Feb 142012

For me, Gervinho has been something of an enigma since he joined Arsenal from Lille. The winger/striker has certainly helped to dull the blow of losing Na$ri with his terrific wing play, though he has shown some hesitancy and, perhaps, nervousness in front of goal which have led to his goals tally being sub-standard.

I believe that his lack of goals for Arsenal stems from a basic nervousness and lack of confidence in front of goal. Evidence for this lies in his penalty in the ACN. To those who don’t know, the ACN final went down to sudden death penalties and it was Gervinho’s missed penalty that led to Zambia taking the trophy. Quite apart from the fact that he missed, the fact that he was the NINTH choice for taking a penalty shows that something is wrong. As a striker, he should have been one of the first to take a penalty but, instead, even the centre backs were taking penalties first. This shows that the Ivory Coast manager clearly knows something must be wrong with Gervinho’s confidence.

When he returns, all of our players must help him to get through this difficult period. The manager too, must have a quiet word with him to instil some confidence. Even the fans can help, by singing his name louder than normal. The best cure, however, is to simply hit the back of the net. After a few goals, the ACN debacle will be far in Gervinho’s past and maybe, just maybe, we will see the Gervinho that lit up the French Ligue 1 last year.

***Ivory Coast v Zambia Penalty Shoot-out (video)***