May 062013

Yesterday Arsenal were in third place and looked to be in the best position of the three London clubs competing to be in the Champions League next season. After Chelsea beat Man United the advantage turned to them. It seems that now it will be a battle between the two North London arch rivals Arsenal and Tottenham. If Arsenal finished the season in fifth place, missing out on the Champions league would it be time for Wenger to leave?

There have been reports for the last few weeks that he is being lined up to replace Carlo Ancelotti at PSG and the Arsenal fans have now reached a point of frustration where they would be indifferent to him moving on. At the moment there is no clear replacement for Wenger but lets look at the possibilities.

Michael Laudrup
Personally, I think he would be the best man for the job at the moment. He could retain the style of play that Arsenal seem to be losing every season, he speaks perfect English and has experience in the Premier League that some foreign managers would struggle without.

Steve Clarke
The West Brom boss may be a Chelsea legend but he has done an excellent job at West Brom this season. Their season may have died down towards the end but they started the first few months in the top four and laughed in the faces of the critics who said this could be the season they go down. It would be a gamble giving Clarke a job like this but he has experience as an assistant at top clubs such as Chelsea and Liverpool.

David Moyes
There is uncertainty around his future at Everton and uncertainty about where he could be going. He could be lined up for the job at Chelsea, Man united or Arsenal.

Dennis Bergkamp
The former gunners legend has been coaching at Ajax for the last few seasons and is now the assistant manager there. He has learned his trade in Holland and there aren’t many better places for developing coaching talent in the world. He has been linked with the job before and is still in the frame.

Jupp Heynckes
The Bayern boss is being forced out by the arrival of Pep Guardiola this summer and has said that he will retire but has also eluded to moving on to another club if he doesn’t fancy a quiet life. North London could be a good destination for him to display his managerial skills that have filled the current Bayern team full of superstars. Arsenal could do with that kind of manager at the moment.

Do you want Wenger to leave? If so who could replace him?

Dec 122011

It looks like the trip to Arsenal on Saturday when the 125 year celebration too place didn’t only bring Thierry Henry the honour of being celebrated by thousands of fans, but an offer as well.

Everton’s boss David Moyes declared that he would love bringing the former Gunner at the club even though the French striker is not really what you’d call a young player.

“I already asked him (Henry) on the way in. I asked him, he’ll tell you; if he wants a game let me know.”, said Moyes.

Henry is now playing for MLS side New York Red Bulls, and is most likely to reject Moyes’ offer to join the Liverpool side as he wants to be remembered as a true Arsenal star.

Henry said he’s interested to take over Arsenal’s manager position after Arsene Wenger will step back and also acknowledged his love for the club.

“One day, but when is he (Wenger) going to stop?

“I’ve said, and I’ll always say, ‘once a Gooner, always a Gooner’. Every time I can, I always watch Arsenal. I’m in pain when Arsenal lose, I can’t take it well.

“I didn’t like it when I was a player and it’s worse now. At least when you’re a player you can do something about it.”

Do you think Gunner star Thierry Henry would ever accept to play for any other Premiership club than Arsenal?